Not one to shout this from the rooftops…

But this time, to quote a certain secretary for a supernatural spirit regulation corporation… WE GOT OOOOOOOONE!

Say hello to <MPS> run by a avatar who is strangely absent… “ShitsHappens”. While a purveyer of modern combat and some really nasty looking melee weapons, the truth under the low prices is a complete and total scandal.

For instance, take a gander at this flight vest and helmet combo.


Right up my alley to upgrade my flight kit. Full permission as well! But there is a few nasty little bugs in this ointment that start sounding the alarms.

1: The helmet is part of the mesh, even though it seems to be a linked mesh prim in the mesh.

2: The faces on the vest and helmet are more reminiscent of a patchwork quilt than a mesh someone took time and effort into making.

3: While low-poly is good, when working with this it just looks like a chunky disaster.

But the kicker… the thing that is actually getting me lit up… this IS a game rip.


Taken from Battlefield 2. As in DIRECTLY. Then uploaded to a “free model” site. THEN it is downloaded, stripped down in some chop-shop, then sold on the SL marketplace to someone who probably doesn’t even have an account in SL anymore.

Now I’m not a fan of the whole gamerip accusation game, but there are times when you gotta call a duck a duck, and this is quacking.

Addendum: These people have a publicly joinable group, yet don’t allow any use of their chat… almost as if they’re afraid of something. And before anyone even starts about posting these names of these “builders” here… this is publicly viewable info.

I guess there has to be a wall of shame somewhere, and here it is.

wall of shame


Still working on the flight kit…

This pic was taken before I had a breakthrough in setting up a proper flight outfit.


The head cowl comes from a spacesuit construction kit on sale in the marketplace, the vest/jacket comes from Mikazuki as well as the pants (from two seperate outfits even), the wrist gaskets come from a base avatar spacesuit I got, the boots are from Utilizator, the belts come from someone I forgot, the g-suit hose is all mine. The face is Utilizator’s M3 anime head. The life preserver collar is actually a prim a creator sold rights to me to use for my life preservers.

The next shot I share will be the finalized one.


Yep I keep hearing this damn word like it’s supposed to stop an argument. See this is what is called “silencing language”. It does one of two things, sometimes at the same time…

1: It stifles any conversation about any subject.
2: It creates more drama as instead of communicating out an issue it turns into silent backstabbing.

How does this apply to Second Life?

Well dear reader, I’m not sure if anyone reads this blog, but I’m going to say so in case someone in the future is interested to see where I stand on matters.


See, DRAMA is used as a wedge to stop a conversation. The reason why the same conversations pop up in the aviation community? It’s because issues aren’t allowed to be talked out. So some new person, or some old face with an axe to grind at the right time will set it off. And then there are those that shout out one of two things. “STOP CREATING DRAMA” or “OMG DRAMA CLOSING CHAT”.

Doing that is like plugging your ears and screaming “LALALALALALAAL” when there is a HUGE issue in your community becoming WORSE.

Want to know why aviation is looked down on in sailor land (AKA The Blake)? It’s because the Sailors are far more organized and can rally together. Drama gets stomped out quick either because it gets sorted or troublemakers are just kicked out.

The Aviation community isn’t tight-knit at all. In fact it is quite happy to stay divided. Not only for legit reasons (content rippers) but silly ones. That and when there are people who are trying to bring a community together, as soon as one hot-button enters that embryonic community, there are those that take pleasure in splintering it.

One of those individuals lately seems to have gone completely off the reservation. Someone I used to consider a friend and had even swallowed a lot of his politics.

Today seeing how far he’s fallen and how those around him are using tactics at one time he railed against makes me realize how far he had fallen from when I knew him. He’s gone full-throttle insane. Bat-shit even. His head’s full of cats.

At this point things have turned into an issue of whose side you’re on. After I was betrayed by this person I made the decision to back those that support fun. People like Joe, Yumiko, and others among Jeogeot’s combat region.

I won’t support that area if it goes to purely WWII, and Joe’s made sure to note while he won’t work on modern stuff he will keep the region open to all combat, just watch your targets.

Today I am announcing that I side with those that protect fun, Joe in particular. If you see a Black F-22 that is one of Joe’s creations, note that I’m not hunting WWII aircraft. I’m looking for people who use modern fighters to attack WWII craft.

From now on, if your whole purpose is to shove a AIM-120 into the windscreen of a P-51, you have an enemy. Rebecca Rathbone. Callsign: Sailor. And I don’t get bullied at all.

And a note to my Stalker. I don’t like what you’re doing. And you are now also starting to sound like someone on the wrong side of history.


Certain people can’t get a hint…

Recently in a certain schoolyard brawl that’s cropped up over who is stealing from whom and how shady these wannabe nazis are, I got sort of played.

I’ve been betrayed, stalked, harassed, and it’s crossed the line from SL into RL. Luckily with how I’ve set up my anonymity, I’m hard to track outside of the digital world. Although, it has opened me up to a cyberstalker.

Now I’m getting the full court press that I should leave Second Life.

I’ll give you a response to that…


See… I’m not the mountain you can whittle down with rain.

I’m the whole damn planet and nothing short of a planetary collision will even move me. And if you come at me that hard you’ll have too much collateral damage to make this worth it. I’ve lost many friends in SL over the past year. I got nothing to lose and everything to eat popcorn over.

I know you s***-for-brains trolls love a response, but this is the last one you’ll get.

Harassers will be logged and their conversations publicly disseminated outside of SL. Consider any conversation with me not private if I feel it threatens me, my livelyhood, my sanity, or any of my friends and SL family. The Lindens are too slow. I like my justice a little more swift… and indiscriminate. Also I’ll get this out of the way… I will NOT agree to any non-disclosure agreements in regards to my interactions. That’s against my own interests and to be honest… I won’t sell those for a hoped-for cease fire. Why would I start surrendering territory?

On a different tangent… I’m making a new aviation group soon… with Blackjack and Hookers and/or Gigolos. I don’t discriminate with my perversions, ‘natch.

Change my dear…

And not a moment too soon…

Namely as I try to keep my character scaled to a realistic height, my current “KAWAII AS F***” M3 head makes me look like some goddamn lolita worthy of being harassed out of most airports in SL.

Case in point. I’m wearing the blue survival vest while a friend is in red…

color coded_004.png

As you can see with my height… you’d be forgiven to say I was a bit toooooo young to be flying a state of the art fighter jet… she’d be better off playing Ace Combat at home on her Playstation. While still wearing her school uniform.

So… it’s time to change things up a bit.


This is the “Venus” M3 head from <Utilizator>. And I plan on getting one, forsaking most other spending (and resisting uploading new textures for my kit.)

If you’re interested yourself in getting one head over here… and also check out Utilizator’s Marketplace Store while you’re at it if you’re looking for a change of pace for your avatar. There’s also loads of support for their two bodies, the Kemono for the furry in you, and the Avatar 2.0 which has loads of awesome outfits to pick and choose from.

Back on duty!

Starting to get my SAR kit all set up now. F-Guard makes some nice SAR flightsuits for your use in SAR roleplay. That, and they look cool to wear in general when hanging out at the airports that are near water.

Never know when you’ll take a swim.