A disturbance in the grid…

Recently I’ve seen a number of things that worry every pixel of my form.

1: There has been a disproportionate number of regular sailors and fliers that have been dissapearing from Second Life. Mostly fliers and some who drift in between hobbies.

2: The fractured nature of the flying community has left a vacuum of organization. I’d love to pick up the ball myself, but my rather scattered availability leaves more to be desired.

3: The insulated nature of the organizations that exist in SL have not proven to be penetrable by new avatars with interest in Flying or Sailing. Few exceptions are sadly, not included.

I personally was honored to even hang around such robust organizations in late 2008 to early 2009. To the point of actually considering taking up sailing and flying at a regular basis.

Now with most of my wingmen gone and fellow salts awol, it’s harder, if not impossible to enjoy the skies and seas of second life the way they should. With friends.

I still got my favorite fishing hole and my Whovian friends at Katrina, but with the fleeting nature of SL, just how long will anything I love last?


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