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KeiLPUI’ve been thinking, why don’t I see stuff like this more in SL… I’m surprised of everyone that builds military aviation stuff, or even civvie stuff, I’ve only seen three people make proper life preservers for use in aviation. Myself being one of them. I had been thinking that of all the flightsuit designers there, one would have made their survival vests other than one producer (who made a freebie civilian LPU) would have made a fully functioning life preserver.

I know it’s odd, as most SL users don’t immerse themselves into the RP like I do at times, and they simply rez a plane in the water and get back into the air, but some of the fun is getting into what you’re doing when in the grid. That includes occasionally after getting dunked in the water you pop out your life vest and get your raft out to wait for pickup.

I’m just surprised most people focus on drama and bitching and not trying to have fun with it.

Then again, I still think MCE is something that needs careful observation, and to be honestIy I’d probably need Aeon himself to sit me down someday and show me how it functions. I’ll give even Aeon the benefit of the doubt these days.

Anything to start getting people to start getting into the air and playing around, having fun, and sometimes getting shot down and treading water waiting for some nice sailor-suited pilot to swoop in and pick you up and get you to the airfield for another go.

That and I’d like to see an effort into getting fixed-wing modern air combat back into the skies of Second Life. Personally it’s something that’s died off because of some people spreading misinformation (and even I still got some of that in me) and making the community in general toxic.

I’d like to hop into a F-22 that works too… even if it means I have to build it myself. :p

In any case… see you out there. Even if it’s boring.


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