New SL Project ideas

I’ve been stuck in the rather fun world of ARK: Survival Evolved, but playing there made me realize how i love Second Life. So I’m getting new ideas for builds.

First off I’m going to figure out how seaplanes will work out in SL, then I might release my first fixed-wing single-person plane. Although it’ll be something like a classic from 2006 in looks, at least it’ll fly good. :p

Next I’ll be redesigning my idea for a LPU/PFD to include a few more features. Seeing someone release a pilot vest that while nice has a couple design flaws in regards of how it sits on the body and how the person’s freeboard is in the water is getting me froggy to design something better that works with people’s swimming huds and AOs, reducing the overall script-load. I’m also still working on script modifications, so I can make my vests light enough to wear script-wise, and provide the simplest experience in terms of use.

Although when I release it, the vest will have multiple models in the box. One designed to work with swim huds, and one that works like my airliner PFD. That and they both will have the ability to change their color, so it can either look milspec, or civilian.

I might make a new skin for my airliner and change some features to make it look like a WWII “Mae West” style life preserver.

All in good time. Just gotta re-install things in my laptop.


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