Fun and Games


I’ve been of the type to just goof off in SL as much as I can. I’ve got the dogfighting itch and I can’t scratch it, what with no aircraft that I’m used to able to fly more than a couple sims before shutting down (JOE FIX YOUR DAMN F-22 YOU LAZY FURBALL!!!) and the only one I got that does work is a pre-MCE Yak-130 that is a pretty sluggish bird. Although I’ve had the provelege to fly the MCE version and needless to say I love it.

But that’s neither here nor there. I’m just posting this to suggest that people well… take themselves too seriously!

That’s right… coming from Miss “always wearing a life preserver and a sailor suit” Rebecca. But that’s truly the case. Most everyone in SL are super serious. They want to wear all the gear, look like they stepped off the set of a Top Gun remake and glower over all of us nuggets with their aviator shades that cost them 1000 lindens.

Thing is it’s not the look or the swagger. It’s putting up or shutting up in the air. It’s these scrubs I like feeding to a demo of the F-24 that Tig helped get on to the market. There’s very few pilots I can look at as a “peer”, and a few who I know my skillset will never match.


Then again my experiences have gotten me pretty experienced in controlling a parachute My consistent great performances at skydiving competitions (not gamed by BDSM gadget users) prove that fact.

So, I stopped trying to fit in. I dress up in a schoolgirl outfit, hop in a jet and go crazy. It’s what I do. To me it’s not about being serious and looking the part anymore as people have ruined that. Instead, I try to stand out, even if it seems eccentric, and actually put on a show. If I entertained ya even if I shot you down, or you got me, at least I provided a hard target and a amusing sight before you gave me a rocket-assisted skydiving lesson. Then I pop out a swim ring and watch everyone else.


Some people think I don’t take it seriously and sometimes they think I do too much. In the past, that was the case. I was in the wrong crowd who was hyper-competitive, and it made me as toxic as it’s leadership. I’ve found once I fly for fun and not to use my ego as a flotation device that things start to come together.

I’m just in SL to enjoy it, to see what’s to be seen, and maybe make a few things to leave behind.

Some people just don’t get that and would rather be too serious.

I save the RP for RP groups… and right now I’m not in any. So if we’re throwing down, it’s just a couple of enthusiasts squaring off. No faction, no competition. Just having fun.

And if anyone needs a test pilot, I’m game.

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