Change my dear…

And not a moment too soon…

Namely as I try to keep my character scaled to a realistic height, my current “KAWAII AS F***” M3 head makes me look like some goddamn lolita worthy of being harassed out of most airports in SL.

Case in point. I’m wearing the blue survival vest while a friend is in red…

color coded_004.png

As you can see with my height… you’d be forgiven to say I was a bit toooooo young to be flying a state of the art fighter jet… she’d be better off playing Ace Combat at home on her Playstation. While still wearing her school uniform.

So… it’s time to change things up a bit.


This is the “Venus” M3 head from <Utilizator>. And I plan on getting one, forsaking most other spending (and resisting uploading new textures for my kit.)

If you’re interested yourself in getting one head over here… and also check out Utilizator’s Marketplace Store while you’re at it if you’re looking for a change of pace for your avatar. There’s also loads of support for their two bodies, the Kemono for the furry in you, and the Avatar 2.0 which has loads of awesome outfits to pick and choose from.


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