Certain people can’t get a hint…

Recently in a certain schoolyard brawl that’s cropped up over who is stealing from whom and how shady these wannabe nazis are, I got sort of played.

I’ve been betrayed, stalked, harassed, and it’s crossed the line from SL into RL. Luckily with how I’ve set up my anonymity, I’m hard to track outside of the digital world. Although, it has opened me up to a cyberstalker.

Now I’m getting the full court press that I should leave Second Life.

I’ll give you a response to that…


See… I’m not the mountain you can whittle down with rain.

I’m the whole damn planet and nothing short of a planetary collision will even move me. And if you come at me that hard you’ll have too much collateral damage to make this worth it. I’ve lost many friends in SL over the past year. I got nothing to lose and everything to eat popcorn over.

I know you s***-for-brains trolls love a response, but this is the last one you’ll get.

Harassers will be logged and their conversations publicly disseminated outside of SL. Consider any conversation with me not private if I feel it threatens me, my livelyhood, my sanity, or any of my friends and SL family. The Lindens are too slow. I like my justice a little more swift… and indiscriminate. Also I’ll get this out of the way… I will NOT agree to any non-disclosure agreements in regards to my interactions. That’s against my own interests and to be honest… I won’t sell those for a hoped-for cease fire. Why would I start surrendering territory?

On a different tangent… I’m making a new aviation group soon… with Blackjack and Hookers and/or Gigolos. I don’t discriminate with my perversions, ‘natch.


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