Yep I keep hearing this damn word like it’s supposed to stop an argument. See this is what is called “silencing language”. It does one of two things, sometimes at the same time…

1: It stifles any conversation about any subject.
2: It creates more drama as instead of communicating out an issue it turns into silent backstabbing.

How does this apply to Second Life?

Well dear reader, I’m not sure if anyone reads this blog, but I’m going to say so in case someone in the future is interested to see where I stand on matters.


See, DRAMA is used as a wedge to stop a conversation. The reason why the same conversations pop up in the aviation community? It’s because issues aren’t allowed to be talked out. So some new person, or some old face with an axe to grind at the right time will set it off. And then there are those that shout out one of two things. “STOP CREATING DRAMA” or “OMG DRAMA CLOSING CHAT”.

Doing that is like plugging your ears and screaming “LALALALALALAAL” when there is a HUGE issue in your community becoming WORSE.

Want to know why aviation is looked down on in sailor land (AKA The Blake)? It’s because the Sailors are far more organized and can rally together. Drama gets stomped out quick either because it gets sorted or troublemakers are just kicked out.

The Aviation community isn’t tight-knit at all. In fact it is quite happy to stay divided. Not only for legit reasons (content rippers) but silly ones. That and when there are people who are trying to bring a community together, as soon as one hot-button enters that embryonic community, there are those that take pleasure in splintering it.

One of those individuals lately seems to have gone completely off the reservation. Someone I used to consider a friend and had even swallowed a lot of his politics.

Today seeing how far he’s fallen and how those around him are using tactics at one time he railed against makes me realize how far he had fallen from when I knew him. He’s gone full-throttle insane. Bat-shit even. His head’s full of cats.

At this point things have turned into an issue of whose side you’re on. After I was betrayed by this person I made the decision to back those that support fun. People like Joe, Yumiko, and others among Jeogeot’s combat region.

I won’t support that area if it goes to purely WWII, and Joe’s made sure to note while he won’t work on modern stuff he will keep the region open to all combat, just watch your targets.

Today I am announcing that I side with those that protect fun, Joe in particular. If you see a Black F-22 that is one of Joe’s creations, note that I’m not hunting WWII aircraft. I’m looking for people who use modern fighters to attack WWII craft.

From now on, if your whole purpose is to shove a AIM-120 into the windscreen of a P-51, you have an enemy. Rebecca Rathbone. Callsign: Sailor. And I don’t get bullied at all.

And a note to my Stalker. I don’t like what you’re doing. And you are now also starting to sound like someone on the wrong side of history.



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