Not one to shout this from the rooftops…

But this time, to quote a certain secretary for a supernatural spirit regulation corporation… WE GOT OOOOOOOONE!

Say hello to <MPS> run by a avatar who is strangely absent… “ShitsHappens”. While a purveyer of modern combat and some really nasty looking melee weapons, the truth under the low prices is a complete and total scandal.

For instance, take a gander at this flight vest and helmet combo.


Right up my alley to upgrade my flight kit. Full permission as well! But there is a few nasty little bugs in this ointment that start sounding the alarms.

1: The helmet is part of the mesh, even though it seems to be a linked mesh prim in the mesh.

2: The faces on the vest and helmet are more reminiscent of a patchwork quilt than a mesh someone took time and effort into making.

3: While low-poly is good, when working with this it just looks like a chunky disaster.

But the kicker… the thing that is actually getting me lit up… this IS a game rip.


Taken from Battlefield 2. As in DIRECTLY. Then uploaded to a “free model” site. THEN it is downloaded, stripped down in some chop-shop, then sold on the SL marketplace to someone who probably doesn’t even have an account in SL anymore.

Now I’m not a fan of the whole gamerip accusation game, but there are times when you gotta call a duck a duck, and this is quacking.

Addendum: These people have a publicly joinable group, yet don’t allow any use of their chat… almost as if they’re afraid of something. And before anyone even starts about posting these names of these “builders” here… this is publicly viewable info.

I guess there has to be a wall of shame somewhere, and here it is.

wall of shame


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