Back in the water

Some things have been happening that have restored my interests, not just in flying, but in enjoying all there is to offer on the sea and in the air. Although I’ve had my hopes dashed by some individuals in the past, at least in the modern air combat community. Let’s hope any future encounters will either be fun ones or seeing me testing my gear…


Seeya around. :3


Meet you in SL…

Seriously. I don’t bite. Unless you just want to howl at me because my opinion hurt your feelings and not provide any intelligent rebuttal. Also, let’s not meet for sailing, my trips sometimes end up like this…

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Fun and Games


I’ve been of the type to just goof off in SL as much as I can. I’ve got the dogfighting itch and I can’t scratch it, what with no aircraft that I’m used to able to fly more than a couple sims before shutting down (JOE FIX YOUR DAMN F-22 YOU LAZY FURBALL!!!) and the only one I got that does work is a pre-MCE Yak-130 that is a pretty sluggish bird. Although I’ve had the provelege to fly the MCE version and needless to say I love it.

But that’s neither here nor there. I’m just posting this to suggest that people well… take themselves too seriously!

That’s right… coming from Miss “always wearing a life preserver and a sailor suit” Rebecca. But that’s truly the case. Most everyone in SL are super serious. They want to wear all the gear, look like they stepped off the set of a Top Gun remake and glower over all of us nuggets with their aviator shades that cost them 1000 lindens.

Thing is it’s not the look or the swagger. It’s putting up or shutting up in the air. It’s these scrubs I like feeding to a demo of the F-24 that Tig helped get on to the market. There’s very few pilots I can look at as a “peer”, and a few who I know my skillset will never match.


Then again my experiences have gotten me pretty experienced in controlling a parachute My consistent great performances at skydiving competitions (not gamed by BDSM gadget users) prove that fact.

So, I stopped trying to fit in. I dress up in a schoolgirl outfit, hop in a jet and go crazy. It’s what I do. To me it’s not about being serious and looking the part anymore as people have ruined that. Instead, I try to stand out, even if it seems eccentric, and actually put on a show. If I entertained ya even if I shot you down, or you got me, at least I provided a hard target and a amusing sight before you gave me a rocket-assisted skydiving lesson. Then I pop out a swim ring and watch everyone else.


Some people think I don’t take it seriously and sometimes they think I do too much. In the past, that was the case. I was in the wrong crowd who was hyper-competitive, and it made me as toxic as it’s leadership. I’ve found once I fly for fun and not to use my ego as a flotation device that things start to come together.

I’m just in SL to enjoy it, to see what’s to be seen, and maybe make a few things to leave behind.

Some people just don’t get that and would rather be too serious.

I save the RP for RP groups… and right now I’m not in any. So if we’re throwing down, it’s just a couple of enthusiasts squaring off. No faction, no competition. Just having fun.

And if anyone needs a test pilot, I’m game.

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waiting_for_clearance_to_fly____by_hoshikosoyokaze-d7qdun1Oh those lovely pacifists above all other Avatars in SL. They successfully hounded combat aviation in it’s spot in the Blake (RIP Blake Combat Zone), obstructed even civilian fliers and sailors who didn’t give a shit, and forced everyone to play by their rules. A lack of leadership and a divided aviation community didn’t help.

So all the combat aviators and sailors were shipped off to the Jugeot where guess what, more trolls and griefers show up to disrupt their enjoyment of Second Life… many of whom who have paid top dollar in order to be a part of what could have been a growing community there.

So combat pilots and sailors are left sitting on the sidelines waiting for the skies and waters to clear. I know Joe’s been trying to get things up and running and fun for people using the Jugeot, but the issues are mounting.

You got VICE adherents who are saying “over my dead body” to MCE, some of that propagated by some slick propaganda by some enemies of Aeon, you got Joe’s own combat system, and you got builders fighting each other through proxies slinging slander and libel at each other as such digital mud.

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At one time I was a part of that crowd. I was convinced that Aeon was the devil incarnate and would brick everyone’s MCE builds on his whim. It retarded development of the MCE system, and it caused a string of failed VICE sims that were either destroyed by certain individuals who wish to win at all costs, and outright cheater builders who backed by certain sim owners would crush out everyone from their sims…. who promptly sell out to the Brazilian Air Force RPers who promptly clean out all the trash, but keep their sims to themselves.

But that’s beside the point… I’m rambling.

The current griefer issues in the Jugeot could be tied into two camps.

The “I did it for the lulz” crowd, who have forgotten it’s 2015, and the whole walking penii gag is getting old, and the “Peace at all costs” camp who obstruct to stop warfare in their precious little hugbox.

For the first crowd… they’re always there, there’s simple ways to handle them and move on.


The other crowd is far, far more difficult to dislodge. Trust me I’ve been in aviation groups with militant pacifists and any mention of even when I was in the SLCG would hit a trigger that wouldn’t end for hours. And the SLCG isn’t even a military group… they’re primarily SAR. I’ve not seen any bootleggers or modern pirates about.

But outside of that the issue with the pacifists is they’re willing to burn SL down and make things miserable for everyone in SL… it’s a vociferous minority looking to get their way and they’ll throw the mother of all temper-tantrums to do so.┬áSadly with a community as divided and fractured as the Aviation community, there isn’t any real push-back. Heck, some aviation groups harbor several pacifists.


The sailors get what they want through their unity. Heck, the racecar drivers and SAR communities are far more united than the Aviation community. Where is it going wrong for us? To be honest there’s two sources of the problem, and the griefers are the terminal symptom.

Could we stop it? If we were a united front, hell yeah. Thing is there is a cabal of individuals who would rather keep the “US vs Them” mentality at all cost. If you’re even talking with Aeon, or Tig, or THI, or whoever, you’re a enemy and should be shunned at all cost. Thing is that stuff was propagated on Slander and Libel.

There is just a lack of leadership, and no one wants to lead, and no one would like who gets picked.

So, you get what you deserve. In the drink and no rescue in sight.


BTW, before people start screeching I’m a Tig shill, realize that I like her products, that and she is a good friend of mine. I count among my friends people that I can trust, and trust their word. I’m starting to think though some of my “friends” aren’t really friends. Tig’s one of the “trust implicitly” types. There’s some I won’t trust. There will be a culling soon. And the salt will be glorious.


I still remember a time when the skies were blue, the possibilities were endless, the pilots were brave, and there was a place we all could go. We had a leader once… and he left long ago. We could use a ZAtzai again.

A sidebar

KeiLPUI’ve been thinking, why don’t I see stuff like this more in SL… I’m surprised of everyone that builds military aviation stuff, or even civvie stuff, I’ve only seen three people make proper life preservers for use in aviation. Myself being one of them. I had been thinking that of all the flightsuit designers there, one would have made their survival vests other than one producer (who made a freebie civilian LPU) would have made a fully functioning life preserver.

I know it’s odd, as most SL users don’t immerse themselves into the RP like I do at times, and they simply rez a plane in the water and get back into the air, but some of the fun is getting into what you’re doing when in the grid. That includes occasionally after getting dunked in the water you pop out your life vest and get your raft out to wait for pickup.

I’m just surprised most people focus on drama and bitching and not trying to have fun with it.

Then again, I still think MCE is something that needs careful observation, and to be honestIy I’d probably need Aeon himself to sit me down someday and show me how it functions. I’ll give even Aeon the benefit of the doubt these days.

Anything to start getting people to start getting into the air and playing around, having fun, and sometimes getting shot down and treading water waiting for some nice sailor-suited pilot to swoop in and pick you up and get you to the airfield for another go.

That and I’d like to see an effort into getting fixed-wing modern air combat back into the skies of Second Life. Personally it’s something that’s died off because of some people spreading misinformation (and even I still got some of that in me) and making the community in general toxic.

I’d like to hop into a F-22 that works too… even if it means I have to build it myself. :p

In any case… see you out there. Even if it’s boring.

New SL Project ideas

I’ve been stuck in the rather fun world of ARK: Survival Evolved, but playing there made me realize how i love Second Life. So I’m getting new ideas for builds.

First off I’m going to figure out how seaplanes will work out in SL, then I might release my first fixed-wing single-person plane. Although it’ll be something like a classic from 2006 in looks, at least it’ll fly good. :p

Next I’ll be redesigning my idea for a LPU/PFD to include a few more features. Seeing someone release a pilot vest that while nice has a couple design flaws in regards of how it sits on the body and how the person’s freeboard is in the water is getting me froggy to design something better that works with people’s swimming huds and AOs, reducing the overall script-load. I’m also still working on script modifications, so I can make my vests light enough to wear script-wise, and provide the simplest experience in terms of use.

Although when I release it, the vest will have multiple models in the box. One designed to work with swim huds, and one that works like my airliner PFD. That and they both will have the ability to change their color, so it can either look milspec, or civilian.

I might make a new skin for my airliner and change some features to make it look like a WWII “Mae West” style life preserver.

All in good time. Just gotta re-install things in my laptop.